Saturday, 14 January 2012

Born To Be Mild or Tasting Notes: A Tale of Two (Kissingate) Milds

Let me begin by stating that there are more misconceptions, myths, and prejudices concerning Mild, than any other style of beer. Mild does not mean tasteless, it certainly does not mean low in gravity, and it does not always mean that the beer served will be dark!

If you’ve never tried a mild before, don’t be put off by what anybody tells you about the genre, chances are, the person who’s telling you hasn’t tried one either. A Mild has all the flavour of a Porter, is as drinkable as a Golden Ale, and is as refreshing as a Bitter, but all in one glass.

Kissingate Black Cherry Mild (4.2%)

This full flavoured Mild is most enjoyable full flavoured ale, and has all the traits of a modern ‘Classic’ Mild.

Dark malts are infused with real black cherries in Muscavado to provide a sumptuous fruity flavour with subtle citric undertone provided by the use of a very light sprinkling of Amarillo hops (rare to see Amarillo used in a Mild, but an intriguing innovation that on this occasion has worked really well.) to give an excellent balance.

For anyone wanting to try beer for the first time, but not knowing where to start, a Mild would be an excellent starting point., Kissingate Black Cherry Mild would be a perfect starting point.

Kissingate Mary’s’ Ruby Mild (6.5%)

At 6.5% Mary’s’ Ruby Mild is much more reminiscent of the traditional Milds that were brewed in the 19th century.

Silkily smooth, with all of the attributes and flavour one would expect from a Ruby Mild of the Victorian era, with an aroma not unlike that of a fine Port, it is deceptively quaffable. Mild it may be, meek it isn’t. Treat this award winning ale with the respect it so richly deserves.

Mild’s are very enjoyable with most meals, and compliment meats, pates or medium cheeses perfectly. However, if drinking a Mild it is best to avoid seafood.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Two New Offers Launch Today!

Today sees the launch of, not just one, but, two new offers to give the pubs regular customers even more outstanding value for money.

Real Ale Collectors Club
Just buy p pints of our excellent range of cask ales (No, not all at once!), and get a 10th pint free.

Meal Deal Collectors Club
Buy 5 of our main meals, and get a 6th meal free.

All of the meals served at The Brewery Shades are freshly prepared on the premises by our expert chefs.

(Terms and conditions apply to the above two offers.)