Monday, 21 May 2012

Tasting Notes: Offbeat Out of Step IPA (5.8%)

"My sister, your grain - its beer is tasty, my comfort.."
- Song of Songs; Sumeria, 2100 B.C.

"She brews good ale, and thereof comes the proverb, Blessing of your heart, you brew good ale."
- Shakespeare

Historically beer was originally brewed by female brewers, known as brewsters, this tradition would appear to date back around 10,000 years to the Amazon rain forest. Of late there has been something of a revival to this tradition, and there are an increasing number of brewsters working in breweries worldwide.

One of the most talented women working in this capacity is Michelle Kelsall, who has been Brewster at Offbeat Brewery in Crewe since it opened for business in 2010.

In Out of Step IPA Michelle has successfully captured the big hoppy essence of an American style IPA, this beer is truly reminiscent of Bear Republic Racer 5, or even Goose Island IPA.

Dark amber in colour with a thinnish white head, this ale has a caramel and citric aroma with tastes to match, initial flavours of grapefruit, orange , and kiwi give way to biscuity caramel and pine cone characteristics. This beer manages to be full bodied yet refreshing.

This beer would be complimented  by meat or fish, and would go equally well with heavily spiced dishes.


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