Friday, 23 March 2012

Hoppy Beers Are Here Again!: Tasting Notes – Windsor & Eton Knight Of The Garter (3.8% abv) and Dark Star Revelation (5.7% abv)

Spring at last! Time for the Golden and Pale Ales to make a resurgence, and we have not just one, but, two absolute crackers for your enjoyment.

Windsor & Eton Knight Of The Garter (3.8% abv)

This straw coloured Golden Ale has a distinctive fresh orangey aroma characteristic of American Amarillo hops. The taste is instantly hoppy, exploding into a fresh crisp bitterness leaving only small traces of sweet caramel from the Maris Otter malt behind. As the beer lingers on the palate the citric flavours amplify greatly into a diverse array of sharp citrus bitterness.

It's quite rare (but very pleasing) to find a session beer that is so powerfully and beautifully hopped, the closest comparison would for my money be Dark Star Hophead, but with slightly orange tang as opposed to the elderflower notes of Cascade.

Dark Star Revelation (5.7% abv)

As for Revelation, Dark Star’s newest addition to their range of core beers, I must confess to being blown away.

This clear yellow-gold beer has a white foamy head and has a pleasing biscuit-like aroma with a hint of fruit, The taste is quite pleasant. Nicely hoppy, plenty of citrus fruit flavour. But this isn’t overpowering, not too bitter, which is quite remarkable considering that 4 varieties of hops (Centennial, Liberty, Cascade, and Citra) have been used by the sack full, this should be seen as a reflection of Mark Tranter’s incredible prowess as a master of the art of brewing. Multiple pints are certainly possible, but at 5.7% a little self restraint is recommended

This is an outstanding addition to Dark Star’s already impressive permanent range.

Both of these beers would easily be enjoyed with chicken, seafood or light cheeses.

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