Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tasting Notes: Adur Brewery Black William Stout (5% abv)

This is a very interesting concoction indeed. On appearance it has a rich black colour with a light tan head (Not surprisingly really, it is a stout, after all!). It has a definite mocha-coffee bouquet, making way, but not giving in, to a distinctly fruity retro nasal...

The flavour perches delicately midway on the bitterness scale, with a long dry finish, with a palette of chocolate, coffee and roasted (falling just pleasantly short of ashy) flavours derived from a very clever use of Chocolate Malt, there is a slight hint of caramel, which indicates that Maris Otter Malt was put into the mix.  There are also blueberry and ripe plum nuances, no doubt coming from one of the under used, but still worthy, English hop varieties, my guess would be Target.

This beer would go down very well accompanied by red meats, game, or even Caribbean spices (such as Jerk Chicken),though could just as easily be enjoyed with cherries or dark chocolate. Though I would suggest that meaty fish or acidic fruits were avoided as with all stouts or porters.

On the whole, a pleasant, very quaffable offering from this West Sussex based cooperative. To my mind this by some way is this brewer’s best contributionto the science of zymurgy to date.

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